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08 Festival

08 Festival

affiche 08 Festival ontwerp Aus GreidanusDe Appel meets South Africa!

Following the highly successful 06 Festival (June 2006), the 08 Festival will take place at De Appel in June 2008. Within a brisk period of time, De Appel's company of actors together with drama students from Dutch (Amsterdam, Arnhem and Maastricht) and South African (Kaapstad and Johannesburg) academies have produced three new dramas for the festival. There will also be two South African productions. The festival aims to offer an exchange and more particularly a cooperation between two different cultures!

The 08 Festival takes place from 7 till 14 June in the Appeltheater and Theater aan het Spui.

Is the most important bridge between different cultures in a pluralistic society not just simply a conversation?

Aus Greidanus: 'This dialogue is of major importance to us. Not to show how stupendous we are. No, what we are aiming for is genuine dialogue between a new democracy and an older one. The problems that surface over there, concerning openness, identity and division, can be found in The Netherlands too. It's just that we experience them in a totally different way. This fact, in combination with the themes which arose from the Odysseus theatre marathon, germinated the idea to repeat our collaboration with South Africa in 2008.'

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