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06 Festival

Introduction 06 Festival

Flyer 06 FestivalParty in the Appeltheater with drama, music and delicious food!

De Appel meets South Africa

For two whole weeks, the Appeltheater will be bubbling with topically concise drama performances, live music and summer-food!

Het Appeltheater is offering three new performances, thanks to a unique collaboration between De Appel actors and drama students from academies in Amsterdam, Arnhem, Maastricht, Cape Town and Johannesburg. David Geysen, Jules Terlingen and Wannie de Wijn will direct the performances.

Alicia McCormick (Danton's death) in email Nov 9:

Finally on a more personal note, though I learnt a lot on the trip this would have been worth nothing if all of you had not been so friendly, caring and helpful. I was overwhelmed by your open hearts. There is a concept in African culture called Ubuntu. In Zulu it is fully written as umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu ("a person is a person through other persons"). The concept is difficult to explain in words, but can be described as- the process by which we become people is through others, through their kindness, respect and assistance. It requires an open heart and mind and an inherent affection for the human spirit. We all found it incredible that though we had traveled so far, we still found ourselves at home because we were surrounded by people who may not know it as such, but still treated us with a great sense of this ‘ubuntu'.

Thank you so much for this tremendous opportunity. I am ever grateful and I hope to see you all again in the not too distant future!

Lots of love
Alicia McCormick

Some mothers' sons directed by Mike van Graan - a director epitomising South Africa's contemporary critical theatre - will also be on stage in the Appeltheater.
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Danton's death or I'm in a position I've never been in before

To this day, Danton's death remains topical as a play concerned with political intrigue and terror; Jules Terlingen, an Appel mainstay, directs this play.

Danton's death is enacted during the French Revolution and at the precise moment, Robespierre seizes power liquidating his opponents by guillotine. Danton and his few remaining political allies are concerned at the depths to which this is plummeting and call a halt to the terror. Robespierre, considering high treason, hauls Danton and his allies before the court.

by Georg Büchner
adaptation/direction Jules Terlingen
cast Jan-Paul Buijs (Amsterdam), Hubert Fermin, Jeroen Gunning (Maastricht), Markoesa Hamer (Amsterdam), Alicia Mccormick (Kaapstad), Anele Situlweni (Kaapstad) en Vuyiswa Tsangela (Johannesburg)

The man outside

De Appel's youthful David Geysen - who during the previous season directed his own, daring interpretation of Don Quichote - has chosen to this time interpret a Wolfgang Borchert play.

A man returns home from war to find his wife in bed with another man. Distracted and traumatised, he begins a quest for a greater humanity. Almost all doors remain closed to him with death being the only portal left slightly ajar. When he passes this threshold, life and its pressing questions confront him for the last time. Questions about love, god, destiny and that strange man that thought he was coming home to and happened to be himself.

by Wolfgang Borchert
adaptation/direction David Geysen
music Carl Beukman 
cast Ian Bok (Amsterdam), Anne Lamsvelt (Amsterdam), Judith Linssen, Hugo Maerten, Joris Maussen (Amsterdam), Marit Stocker (Amsterdam) en Michel Visser (Arnhem)

Subway stories

Actor and director Wannie de Wijn is already a familiar face in De Appel. This season performing in the successful production En God zag dat het goed was (And God saw that it was good) and together with Gaby Milder, Marguerite de Brauw and Karien Noordhoff creating the beautiful V-snaar (V-belt), one of the runaway successes during 2004's Oerol festival.

Subway stories is about life, love and faith and garnished with music. It is a surprising production about the bearable lightness of being and stories of everyday people getting to grips with the huge world.

text actors and Wannie de Wijn
direction Wannie de Wijn
cast Mariana Aparicio Torres (Arnhem), Sacha Bulthuis, Chava voor in 't Holt (Amsterdam), Geert de Jong, Sadettin Kirmiziyüz (Maastricht), Tshepiso Konopi (Johannesburg), Leonoor Koster (Amsterdam), Ntomboxolo Makhutshi (Kaapstad), Boitumelo Motlanthe (Johannesburg) en Bob Schwarze

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